Can I purchase a subscription as a reseller?

Yes, you are very welcome to purchase a yearly subscription as a reseller, on behalf of a client. Just note that this means that you will be the billed entity, and that payment, renewal, and other account related matters will be handled by you.

To sign up for a yearly subscription as a reseller, request a quote, or get more info, please fill out this form.

Before filling out the form, make sure that your client has already created a trial account in Scrumwise. When filling out the form, in the field "Email address of a user in your Scrumwise account", provide the email address of a user in that trial account, so that we can identify which account the subscription is for. Do not provide your own email address here, unless you yourself have a user account in your client's Scrumwise account.

In the "Additional information" field, please mention that you are purchasing the subscription on behalf of a client, and mention the company name of your client.

Also, please note that we don't provide any reseller discounts, so it's our standard pricing that applies.

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