Why does my credit card get rejected when I try to register it?

If your credit card gets rejected, and you are sure you've entered the right card number and card details, it is almost always because your bank rejects our attempt to approve the card. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as a monthly limit that has been reached on the card, or your card having restrictions on international payments, or your bank blocking the approval attempt because they incorrectly think this is a fraud attempt (we have an impeccable credit card track record, so this is not because of us). 

Our best advice is to either try another card, or contact your bank. Your bank will normally be able to look up the attempts we've made to get your card approved, and will be able to tell you why they rejected the attempts. If your card is fine, they can typically whitelist us, so that future attempts will not be blocked. When you've resolved the problem with your bank, try registering the card again inside Scrumwise.

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