Scrumwise gets stuck while loading

If Scrumwise gets stuck while loading (when starting up) here are some things you can try:

  • Refresh the page, to clear your cache, by pressing Ctrl + F5 or Cmd + Shift + R.
  • Check that the link you are using for Scrumwise is this: . If you are opening Scrumwise from the link in the welcome mail, try copy/pasting the link from the mail directly into the address bar of your browser, instead of clicking the link in the mail.
  • Check that you are using the newest version of your browser (or, the newest version that you are allowed to use).
  • Check that your network connection is working and is reasonably fast, for example using this page.
  • If you have an ad blocker, antivirus, or firewall installed, try disabling it temporarily or whitelisting our domain
  • If you are using Edge or Internet Explorer, try adding our domain as a trusted site in the browser.
  • Contact your IT department and ask them if they have a firewall installed that may be blocking the download, and ask them to whitelist our domain

If this doesn't solve your problem, don't hesitate to contact us or write us at We guarantee that we can find a solution, whatever the problem is.

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