What happens if I delete a team?

Here is what happens when you delete a team:

  • The team will no longer be shown in the Sprints tab, Task board tab, or Burndown tab, not for past sprints either. This means that you can no longer see what the team did in past sprints.
  • Backlog items that are assigned to the team, in current or past sprints, will continue to exist, but will be unassigned from the team and sprint. Completed backlog items will keep their completed status, but you will no longer be able to see in which sprint and by which team the backlog items were completed. You can still see which individual persons the backlog items and tasks were assigned to, though.

So, before deleting a team, you might want to preserve the sprint history for the team, by exporting the backlog items completed in past sprints in the project, to a spreadsheet. This can most easily be done in the Backlog tab, by creating a filter that shows the backlog items assigned to the team, and then exporting those.

Alternatively, you might want to keep the team, and instead rename it and change its team members.

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