I've accidentally deleted something - can I undo that?

It's not yet possible to undo a deletion, sorry, but we can retrieve data from the deleted objects for you, and send it to you in CSV or Excel format.

But first, make sure that you've actually deleted something. Maybe you've just changed a "Show" dropdown or a filter such that the objects that you are looking for no longer appear. Or, have archived something. For example, if you are looking for some sprints, make sure to select "All sprints" in the "Show" dropdown at the bottom of the "Sprints" tab. Also, try to search for the objects using the "Search in all projects" popup.

If you're sure you've deleted something, and would like us to retrieve data, please contact us. Please give us enough information to locate the deleted objects (like what was deleted, who deleted it and when, project name, etc.). Also, tell us which information you need from the deleted objects.

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