Why did you charge my credit card after I closed my account?

If you see a charge on your credit card after you've closed your account, you can be absolutely sure it's for an invoice that was issued before you closed the account. 

We will normally charge your card 7 days after the invoice date, on the due date specified on the invoice. The charge may also happen on a later date, if the first attempt failed due to a problem with your credit card.

Also, please note that when you receive an invoice from us, this means that a new subscription period has started. If you close your account after that, you will still be charged for that invoice. We don't provide refunds for the remaining time in your current subscription period, even if you close your account immediately after you've received the invoice for the new subscription period. Therefore, if you intend to close your account, make sure to do it before your next subscription period starts - so, before your next invoice is issued.

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