Can I lose any of my data in Scrumwise?

No, Scrumwise takes great care to protect you against any kind of data loss. All data in Scrumwise is protected by four separate backup/durability mechanisms.

First, Scrumwise uses Amazon's RDS database service with multi-availability-zone deployment, which means that the database is synchronously replicated in two separate physical locations in Amazon AWS, so that no data will be lost if a database server is lost in one location.

Secondly, Scrumwise uses Amazon RDS's built-in backup mechanism that makes it possible to restore the database to any point in time from 35 days back and up to about 5 minutes ago, at any given time.

Thirdly, daily Amazon DB snapshots are taken of the database, and these are stored by Amazon in their S3 data storage service, which provides mission-critical data durability (with guaranteed 99.999999999% durability).

Finally, daily MySQL-level backups are taken of the database, still from inside Amazon AWS, and these are also stored in Amazon S3.

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