Why does Scrumwise take so long to load?

If you're experiencing that Scrumwise takes a long time to load after you log in, it is most likely because you're on a slow network connection or have a lot of data in your account.

When Scrumwise starts up, it loads almost all of the data in all of the projects that you have access to. This is done as part of the startup to be fast and responsive when you're working in Scrumwise. During the loading, you'll see this message:

Message shown while your data is being loaded

On a normal network connection, the startup should rarely take longer than 3-9 seconds, unless you have access to a lot of big projects. If it takes longer than this, please check your network connection speed, for example using Speedtest.

If you're on a fast network connection, and it takes longer than 9-10 seconds, it's most likely because you have access to a lot of big projects. Here's what you can do to speed up the loading:

  • First, if you have not turned on project access control in your company account, you can do so, to be able to control which project each user can access, and thus which projects will be loaded when that user logs in.

Then, assuming you have turned on project access control:

  • If you are administrator, it means you have access to all projects in your company account, so all projects will be loaded when you log in. What you can do is create an additional user account for yourself, with administrator rights, for use when you need to do administrator work. Then, while logged into the new administrator account, remove the administrator rights from your existing user account, and give that account access to only the projects that you are working on right now, so that only they will be loaded when you log in to that account.

    Tip: You can use the special plus notation to create an email address for your new administrator account that points to your normal email address. For example, if bob@example.com is your normal email address, use bob+admin@example.com in your new administrator account.

  • If you are not administrator, you can ask an administrator to give you access to fewer projects, such that only the projects that you are working on right now will be loaded. If you later need access to some of the other projects again, ask the administrator to give you access to them again.

Also, note that logging into Scrumwise in multiple browser tabs at the same time doesn't speed up the login, it actually slows it down. This is because each tab will load all of the data, and therefore reduce your effective network bandwidth and CPU. So, use just one tab at a time, if you're experiencing long load times.

If none of this solves your problems with the load time, please contact us.

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