Can I control who can access a specific project?

Yes. By default, everybody has access to all projects in the account. But if you turn on access control on projects, you can control who can access each project. For example, this is useful if you want to give your customers access to Scrumwise, and only want each customer to see his own projects.

You must be administrator to control the access to projects. To turn on access control on projects, go to the "Your company account" tab in the settings. In the "Settings" page of the tab, click "Turn on access control on projects":

How to turn on access control on projects

You can then control who can access each project by going to the People tab for the project. Administrators always have access to all projects.

When access control is on, only administrators can add projects, delete projects, rename projects, and reorder projects.

Note: If you give somebody access to a project while they are logged into Scrumwise, they must reload Scrumwise to see the project. Also, there are a few cases where a person will be logged out of Scrumwise automatically and will have to log in again. This happens if you remove the person's access to a project, or make the person administrator and that person didn't already have access to all projects. It also happens if you turn off access control on projects entirely, and the person didn't have access to all projects while access control was on. So, make sure you don't make these changes at a time where it will annoy the person to be logged out.

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