How do I move backlog items into or out of epics?

You can use drag and drop to move backlog items into or out of epics. If you want to place a child backlog item of an epic separately from the epic in the backlog, hold down Shift while you drag the backlog item from the epic to the new location. This way, the child backlog item will stay child of the epic, but will be placed separately in the backlog.

You can also move or copy backlog items into or out of epics using cut & paste. To do this, select one or more backlog items, and use the right-click menu or the standard keyboard shortcuts to cut or copy the backlog items. Then paste them into the desired epic, or outside of an epic.

You can also select one or more backlog items and use the right-click menu. To add backlog items to an epic, select "Add to epic" in the right-click menu. This will add the backlog items to the epic, but such that the backlog items stay at their current locations in the backlog, instead of being placed inside the epic. If you want to place the backlog items inside the epic, after you've added them to the epic, right-click and select "Place inside parent epic". To move backlog items from one epic to another epic, right-click and select "Move to epic". And to remove backlog items from an epic, right-click and select "Remove from epic".

You can also select the parent epic of a backlog item in the "Epics" field in the popup dialog for the backlog item.

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