Can I purchase a subscription via a reseller?

Yes, you are very welcome to purchase a yearly subscription via a reseller. Here's how it works:

  • You sign up for a yearly subscription the same way that you would if you purchased the subscription yourself. Just enter the billing address of your reseller instead of your own billing address.
  • If the reseller would like to pay using credit card, they will have to provide their full credit card details to you, so that you can enter them as part of the billing info. Therefore, we normally recommend that a reseller pays via bank transfer, so that you can avoid this.
  • If your reseller needs a quote first, you can request a quote from the signup dialog, and forward this quote to the reseller, before completing the signup.
  • If the reseller would like to provide a purchase order, ask them to send the purchase order to you, before you complete the signup. When you've received the purchase order, complete the signup and make sure to specify the purchase order number in the signup dialog, so that it gets included in the invoice.
  • When you've completed the signup, you'll receive an invoice from us, which you should then forward to the reseller.
  • It is your responsibility to handle all communication with the reseller. So, the reseller should never contact Scrumwise directly. And we will never contact the reseller directly either.
  • If the payment from the reseller is delayed, you will get notified about this, and it is your responsibility to follow up with the reseller and ensure that the payment gets made. We will not contact the reseller directly about this.
  • When your subscription comes up for renewal, we will notify you about this, and you can then do the renewal the same way as for the signup. We will not notify the reseller about this. The same applies if you would like to add more users to your subscription during the year.

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