How do I avoid problems with line breaks when I export to Excel?

By default, when you export to CSV files, fields that have multiple lines of text, such as description fields, will be collapsed to a single line of text. This is because such line breaks may cause problems when you import into another application, such as Excel.

If you would like such line breaks to be kept, check the "Keep line breaks" checkbox in your personal account page in the settings in Scrumwise:

Keeping line breaks in exports

If this causes problems when importing into Excel, make sure to do the import by opening the file from outside of Excel (such as by double-clicking on it, or right-clicking on it and selecting "Open"). Surprisingly, opening the file this way will cause Excel to use a different import mechanism that handles line breaks correctly.

Alternatively, you can also use copy & paste directly from Scrumwise into Excel. In this case, line breaks will always be kept and will be handled correctly by Excel.

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