Can I add custom fields in Scrumwise?

Yes. Custom fields are fields that you define yourself, to represent information that doesn't fit naturally in the existing fields in Scrumwise. For example, you could add a "Platform" field to bug backlog items, where you can specify which platform the bug occurs on.

You can add custom fields on releases, sprints, backlog items, tasks, and time entries. For backlog items, you can also select which specific types of backlog items a field should appear on, such as only backlog items of type Bug.

To add a custom field, go to the "Projects" tab and open the popup dialog for a project. Click "Settings" in the upper right corner of the dialog, scroll down to the custom field section, and click "Add a custom field". For example, here is how to add a "Platform" field on bug backlog items:

Adding a custom field

The field will then look like this in a bug backlog item:

Example of a platform custom field on bugs

The same custom field can appear on multiple types of objects. For example, you could add a "Goal" field that appears on both releases and sprints:

Adding a custom field on multiple object types

Custom fields are local to a project, so if you want the same custom field in multiple projects, you must add it in each project.

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