Can I export my time log from Scrumwise?

Yes, if you're using detailed time tracking in a project, you can export your time log to a CSV file using the "Export all" button at the bottom of the "Time" tab.If the "Time" tab is not shown, click the "More" button at the right side of the tabs, and select the "Time tracking" checkbox.

You can also copy time entries from Scrumwise directly into a spreadsheet using standard copy & paste. To do this, select the time entries in Scrumwise, copy them by pressing Ctrl + C / Cmd + C or using the right-click menu, and then paste them into a spreadsheet of your choice. You can use Ctrl + A / Cmd + A to select all time entries.

You can also export selected time entries to CSV files. To do this, select the time entries, and then select "Export these time entries" from the right-click menu.

If you run into problems with line breaks when importing from the CSV files into Excel, see here.

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