How do I activate my account?

If someone else has created an account for you in Scrumwise, you will receive a welcome mail, with the subject "Welcome to Scrumwise". If you haven't received it, check your spam folder.

If it's not there either, ask the person that created your account to check that the email address that he/she has registered for your account is correct. You can also ask him/her to resend the welcome mail. If you still don't receive the welcome mail, please contact us.

If you have received the welcome mail, click the activation link in the mail. You will then be asked to set the password that you would like to use for your account:

Activating your account

Note that you will not receive a password from Scrumwise, you choose your password yourself as part of the activation of your account. So, all you need to activate your account is the activation link in the welcome mail.

If you don't get to the activation page when you click the link in the mail, try copy/pasting the link from the mail directly into the address bar of your browser, instead of clicking the link directly in the mail.

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